Trail Running this Winter? Get a Silva Headlamp

The Benefits of a Silva Headlamp

With mud Splashing, cold weather, lung busting climbs and dark nights. It’s all in a days (or nights) work for a fell runner during the Autumn / Winter period. Having a good headlamp is critical to your success (and safety) in these conditions. Headlamps such as those made by Silva are built of a high quality and have specialist ranges suited to running, climbing and mountain biking. I currently have a Silva Headlamp of my own, The Silva Runner, and find it fits my needs when trail running at night perfectly.

Each headlamp is different and each is created for a different purpose. As a trail runner you are looking for a robust and lightweight headlamp which will ensure you don’t lose any time in races when every second counts. At the lower end of the scale, there is a vast range of budget headlamps which make great back-ups or are perfect for activities such as reading a book in your tent but probably don’t have the required power output to be your main running headlamp.

There is certainly a Silva Headlamp available to cover your every situation. There is an extremely large range available for runners and walkers and even plenty aimed at mountain bikers. These can be attached to the bikes handle bars or even the riders helmet. The Silva Trail Runner Headlamp is a great all round headlamp, perfectly suited to running on dark nights. If you are looking for a low priced running head torch, the Silva Jogger is a great choice. Although not suitable for dark trails, it is excellent for enhancing low

light sources such as country lanes where a few street lamps may be present. If you need something a bit more advanced then the Silva Sprint Headlamp is an excellent choice, being in a similar mould to the Silva Alpha, the Sprint is light and perfect for trail running and can be fastened to a bikes handlebars or the riders helmet. With a huge 140m beam range, you should always have plenty of light.

As this article highlights, there is certainly a wide range of headlamps out there to choose from, each offering different features. Therefore, finding the best headlamp for your needs is important. If you are looking to really kick-start your night time running this winter or just need a small headlamp as an alternative to a hand torch for finding things in the garden shed, your needs are going to be different. Make sure you take this into consideration when purchasing. A 16 lumens headlamp isn’t going to cut it in dark woodland.