Fjallraven began in 1950 when a 14 year old Swedish boy, Ake Nordin, revolutionised outdoor gear by creating an external frame backpack using aluminium.


In the fresh air

Fjallraven always turns to nature for inspiration for solutions that can always be improved.

About Fjallraven

From the beginning, Fjällräven has been driven by the mission of offering timeless, functional and durable equipment for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. A necessary part of this is finding innovative solutions to problems. The company’s origins can be found in such an act, when a 14-year-old Swedish boy named Åke Nordin, decided to come up with a comfortable rucksack to carry his gear on an overnight trek. Most backpacks of the 1950s were shapeless, uncomfortable sacks; using his mother’s sewing machine and applying his research into carrying loads, he fashioned a better pack out of cotton canvas, leather, and a wooden frame. Later, during his military service at the FJS Parachute Ranger School in Karlsborg, he noticed that not even the equipment used by the most elite unit in the service made the grade.

Inspired by these experiences and by a passion for the outdoors, Nordin founded Fjällräven (Swedish for arctic fox) in 1960. Its goal was to create durable and functional outdoor equipment; its registered office was the family’s one-room flat just outside Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The workshop was in the cellar, which served as a factory and R&D department during the first year. The first products were backpacks with aluminum frames; in 1968, the first Fjällräven jacket was introduced. Made from tough G-1000 fabric, it was named the Greenland Jacket after a successful expedition to Greenland, and soon became a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.


Environmental Ethos

Fjällräven is constantly seeking out materials and production methods that reduce impact on the environment without compromising performance.

Nature governs

It refuses to sell real fur and will only purchase down and merino that are ethically sourced. At Fjällräven, quality isn’t just how well a product works or how long it lasts, but also how responsibly it was made.


Season after Season

Fjallraven are always coming up with new solutions for even safer and more enjoyable outdoor activities, they are aware that existing products work well just as they are. There’s just no point changing a good formula.


Whatever the season

Ever since the company started in 1960, Fjällräven has been driven by the notion of offering timeless, functional and durable equipment for a variety of wonderful experiences in nature. A prerequisite for this is, of course, to be curious and always looking for smart new solutions as well as improved materials and designs.