A team of creative people who are passionate about all things outdoors.

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We’re neither young nor old. Neither top of the mountain ascenders nor stay at home loungers… we’re a team of creative people who are passionate about all things outdoors. Nature lovers, hikers, marketers, developers, fashionistas… we pool our skills & hope that by doing so we bring together a range of ethically sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor brands that you either love already or will fall in love with.

We have a slightly different way of selecting our ranges; we don’t so much choose the product on looks alone, we interview, and sometimes interrogate to get a true understanding of their personality, a greater idea of their capability and then decide whether they we fit with the rest of portfolio.

Adaptability is paramount; our products must be able to adapt to different environments and situations, as well as be ethically savvy, and share our passion in taking care of our planet and the people who inhabit it.

We love discovering

Young and Fresh talent

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Our selection process is quite rigorous, but we are confident that each product has fought for his (or her place), and will do a job for both us you; sometimes they come to us and demand a place within the Above and Beyond portfolio, we really like this show of spirit and quite often these products become firm favourites.

Experience is not really an essential pre-requisite for brands or products; we like nothing better than discovering young and fresh talent; introducing sapling brands to our customers, all the while showing huge respect for ‘old school’ heritage and the history of our forefathers. The mix of old and young give a perfect balance and ensure the line-up has the optimum mix of good looks, versatility, performance and trust.

We hope you enjoy browsing our Spring/Summer Collection.